Diabetic Exercise Education Specialists

Figures suggest that 1 in 10 over 40s in the UK now has type 2 diabetes, and the NHS has stressed how imperative it is that action is taken to prevent this figure from rising. Jan 2019

Three simple steps to take control.



Let's be honest. Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed! However in your journey in being diagnosed you have made some decision 

that you most likely would chose to change if you knew the outcome. Starting now, being 

honest in your nutrition and 

exercise you can be one of our client that bring their Hb1Ac in to non-diabetic levels and take control of your health with-out medication.



With clear guidance and support we will educate you to understand that exercise is not such a terrible and worrying word. Having being diagnosed with diabetes, exercise might 

not be part of your lifestyle. 

Moving forward you now need to include daily exercise as part of your new lifestyle.

 What you might think exercise is will be clearly explained. You have nothing to be worried about this is what we specialise in. Clear effective training methods that work.



This is a fact of life,

'If we don't make mistakes we will never learn'. We have made a few ourselves! We have learned from our mistakes and we have studied to the highest levels in obesity and diabetes exercise education. 

Exercise education is what you will receive all the way throughout your training 

with us. 


After playing rugby for over 21 years I developed a form of Arthritis. I was told I would not walk properly again without the aid of walking sticks and not to expect to ever run again!  Since that day I have not stopped running.  I decided to find my How.  Why is simple,  I refused to believe that somebody else could dictate my future. I have studied physical exercise become a personal trainer and an educator. In my journey the low points took me to develop type 2 diabetes.  I am in remission and I am in my second year studying a Masters degree in Diabetes.  Oh yea last year I ran 52 Marathons!! 


It is a very simple vision to educate personal trainers from around the world to have an understanding have how to deliver safe and effective exercise to the population that have developed type 2 diabetes.  Therefore to help  all people achieve their goals whatever they may be  no matter what hurdles are in their way




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You’re on your way to a more fit, healthy and stronger you!

Whatever your fitness aims and goals are, no matter how small or challanging, we can help. 

Contact us for more details.



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