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Here at Fitness & Wellbeing Training Ltd, Edinburgh based personal trainers we hold your health and wellbeing as our core value. Our exercise professionals all hold Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer or Level 4 Specialist Personal Trainer qualifications through the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s). We are also the first Personal Trainers in Scotland to be DNAfit accredited.

Personal Training

Our professional and skilful personal trainers are there to facilitate and support you, guide you through the necessary changes so you become successful at managing your weight.


Fitness & Wellbeing are delighted to be the first accredited DNAFit trainers in Scotland!


Fitness and Wellbeing Training belive that the meaning of nutrition is significant. It’s not just a matter of diet.


Workout At Home

We have a team of personal trainers in Edinburgh. We are always striving to get the best results for our clients by using knowledge and experience along with a desire to achieve excellence.

Corporate Training

Fitness & Wellbeing Training Ltd. offer corporate companies an opportunity to provide their staff with an invaluable service at a cost-effective price.

Meet The Team

Check out our team of dedicated, professional personal trainers, and find out what qualifications we possess to help you.

  • I started training with Phil in September 2009 after a summer of travelling that left me unable to fit into half my clothes. Since then I have lost 14kg and am now training for a 10k, something that seemed impossible only a few months ago. Phil is so supportive and encouraging, and it’s purely thanks to his help that I have made this much progress. My target is to lose another 15kg and I have no doubt that with Phil’s support I will achieve my goal.

  • I first hired Phil when he was a trainer at LA Fitness, initially to devise a general fitness programme for me along with a specialised programme to help with a knee injury which was going to result in surgery.Through Phil’s own research and developing a programme specific to my needs I no longer need surgery and my overall fitness levels have increased significantly. When Phil moved to Green’s I had no hesitation in following him to this gym. He is motivational, great to work with and makes a workout at the gym fun.

  • Before I started training with Phil I was suffering from a plateau and I felt like I wasn’t seeing much benefit from my regular exercise routine. I’d also tried a huge list of fad diets and failed with all of them. Phil has jump started me, and helped me refocus my goals.

Weight Management

There is so much confusion out there about weight management, mainly because the market is saturated with ineffective quick-fix remedies that simply don’t work. We will make it very easy, explaining the truth about how the control of sugar intake in your diet will change your life!

How Can A Fitness & Welling Training Edinburgh Personal Trainer Help With Weight Management?

Our professional and skilful personal trainers are there to facilitate and support clients, guide them through necessary changes so the client becomes successful at managing their weight. This is done with nutritional coaching, work out programs, life style changes and maintenance programming.

Program writing

Edinburgh personal trainers view program writing as a science and an art. They will go through a process of understanding the client’s needs, wants and lifestyle to negotiate an agreed program. This enables the Edinburgh personal trainer to be more effective at shaping the behaviour of the client forever. Edinburgh personal trainers will confidently write programs ranging from basic to advanced, including specific sports (football, rugby, tennis, etc), and also cover specific groups (elderly, obesity, children, heart problems, arthritis, pregnancy).


Nutrition is about what your body needs to ingest in order to stay healthy in light of the demands you place upon it. Basically that mean food and drink. The food we eat contains macro and micro nutrients. These are the components of our diet that we need in a variety of amounts every day.

Fitness & Wellbeing Training Edinburgh personal trainers will skilfully integrate principles of healthyeating and nutrition, encouraging you to practice healthy eating and drinking behaviours that will bring you real results.

Fitness Assessment & Appraisal

A Fitness & Wellbeing Training Edinburgh personal trainer will evaluate your fitness, take blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, postural assessment, girths, skin folds and a health appraisal questionnaire. The Edinburgh personal trainer takes a professional approach at this stage, as it’s essential for effective training whatever the situation.

Exercise Psychology

This is the cornerstone of effective Edinburgh personal training and is the fundamental way that your personal trainer will motivate you. This will involve simple but effective exercise psychology techniques and strategies to help you achieve the result you desire.


Our Fitness & Wellbeing Training Edinburgh personal trainers will analyse your movements. When combining human movement science and functional training concepts, a personal trainer will apply it to body form, technique correction, specific sports requirements, program writing and rehabilitation.

Exercise Physiology

Having a good knowledge base of physiology Fitness & Wellbeing Training Edinburgh personal trainers understand the relation between the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems. This gives our trainers effective exercise prescription for human performance and development.

Sports Performance

Working with performance-orientated clients, recreational sport participant or competitive athletes, Fitness & Wellbeing Training personal trainers will develop performance plans and periodic programs for maximum impact.

Clinical, Posture & Special Populations

Being a good referral arm for GPs, physiotherapists and osteopaths is very important for a Edinburgh personal trainer. This enables the personal trainer to work efficiently with the elderly, pregnant women, children, those with diabetes, people with obesity problems, people with arthritis, and those suffering injuries.

Lifestyle Psychology

Lifestyle is crucially important and the personal trainer is not just there to make you sweat. Edinburgh personal trainers explore ways to keep you active and engaged while away from the gym. Edinburgh personal trainers play a huge role in stress management, helping clients with anxiety, stress and depression.

Why Choose Us?

  • Reduce obesity
  • Boost confidence
  • Reduce the chances of type II diabetes
  • Aid with the reversing of type II diabetes
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce the effects of arthritis
  • Have better range of motion
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Injury prevention
  • Increase balance and coordination
  • Improve CV fitness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce the chances of heart disease

Where We Train:

We can train at Energy Gym, Boroughmuir RFC, Edinburgh. We can also come to your home to train you or we can take advantage of the many parks that occupy Edinburgh city. We also cover the whole of East Lothian and Midlothian.

First Consultation

Once you have made the initial contact by phone or email, we will arrange a time to have a consultation at a location to suit you. This will be the first chance for you to meet your personal trainer before you begin the process of training. We will ask you to fill out a par Q to assess your health, fitness and lifestyle. It also gives us time to chat about what you want to acheive, what your desires and goals are and where you feel you need the most help. This will help your Fitness & Wellbeing Training Edinburgh personal trainer to write an accurate program which will be tailored to your needs.

Fitness & Wellbeing Training specialise in:

  • Weight lossthrough diet plan, nutritional advice and training program
  • Muscle gain for controlling weight and hormone release
  • Strengthcommon definition: the ability to exert a force against a resistance
  • Endurancefour types: Aerobic, anaerobic, speed and strength endurance
  • Speedintegral part of every sport: increasing maximum speed
  • Core stabilitylearn to control the position of the lumbar spine during activity

    • Plyometricsrun faster, throw farther or hit harder to improve performance
    • Rehabilitationgetting you back to full fitness after an injury or surgery
    • Assisted stretching hands on stretching to encourage better range of movement and to prevent injury
    • Relaxationrelieves stress in the body and mind, helps with sleeping disorders
    • Sports specificsa process in which the personal trainer researches a player and provides a training program that’s specific to their sport.

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