Chris Donald

"Having used a number of personal trainers i did not know there could be an even higher standard than experienced before.This is the top end of fitness and and health goals.I have no concerns in making this recommendation."


Kathrin Mackenzie

"Extremely patient and knowledgable trainer. Phil has helped me regain my health and fitness after serious health issues and I am currently now fitter than I have ever been."


Adam Simpson

"Phil was the single best trainer I have had the pleasure of meeting and being coached by. Every single training session was different and geared towards different aspects for me to reach my end goal, something which he put a great deal of time and effort Into. He was also very personable and easy to voice any concerns to, as well as being easily reachable (via text, call or email! throughout my training programme.) Lastly and most importantly he is an incredibly lovely bloke, I got on very well with Phil and he kept me on track to achieve a life changing goal! Cannot recommend highly enough!"


Suzie Lampshire

"The ONLY person in the whole world who can get me to train! The best trainer and mentor ever, dare I say it Phil even makes working out FUN!"


Ian Erskin

"Phil is a friendly, smart, highly motivated trainer who embodies all that is good in personal training. His infectious style and wit allows easy relationship building and he can be relied upon to deliver quantifiable results in quick time."


Sarah Mauritzen

"Phil worked with me to improve my flexibility, strength and core for a rowing completion and what a difference. He knew exactly which muscles I had to build up, my core grew stronger through focused PT sessions with Phil resulting in a win at the competition. Mission accomplished and a big thanks to Phil for his dedication and support."