'Diabetic Aware' Education



With the diabetic population swiftly moving away from a specialist population into general population now with 1 in 10 adults over the age of 40 in the UK being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This course has been written to support the gym teams across UK and independent personal trainers to hold a CPD in ‘Preparation for Working with Diabetes in the Gym’.

How does this help you as a business. 

Researcher shown that one of the biggest fears a diabetic patient has is going into a hypoglycemic attack. This in turn automatically puts fear when the word exercise is mentioned.  Advertising an ‘Diabetic aware' certificate for your business will allow General Practitioners and the diabetic community the knowledge that they can train in an  environment that has been educated in delivering exercise safely and effectively.  Therefore increased gym membership and retention of present and future diabetic members.

Workshop Overview.

Course title: Preparation for working with diabetes in the gym

Workshop Aim:
To equip the learner with the understanding of diabetes, knowledge, skills and confidence to provide safe and effective exercise to the diabetic client.

Workshop Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the workshop the learner will be able to:

    • List five different types of diabetes (T1, T2, LADA, Gestational diabetes and Diabetes insipidus (DI))
    • Recognise the the present diabetic trends across the UK and global
    • Identify how to communicate positive with a diabetic client
    • Have an appropriate understanding of safe blood sugar levels for exercise
    • Recognise how nutrition habits affect blood sugar
    • Recognise what to do during a hypoglycaemic or hyperglycaemic attack
    • Demonstrate adapting an exercise program for a diabetic client

Edinburgh Leisure Reference:

“At Edinburgh Leisure we welcome everyone who wants to stay active and keep fit. With the Diabetes epidemic only increasing, I wanted to keep our Teams ahead of the game with their knowledge of how to safely work with and prescribe exercise to members who have Diabetes. 
After reading through the course content of “Preparation for working with Diabetes in the Gym” from Phil Calvert @ FWT Education, I thought that this would be the perfect fit.
This workshop gives a really rounded view on what Diabetes is, the types of Diabetes the team may encounter, looking at Nutrition to regulate blood sugars, recognising a Hypo/Hyperglycaemic attack as well as the safety aspects of programming for a Diabetic member.
Phil’s knowledge, enthusiasm and delivery were excellent and the teams left feeling confident that they were equipped to assist anyone with Diabetes.
I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone who is likely to have contact with a member with Diabetes.”